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Big O' brings more than 20 years of experience to help you reach your individual goals; be it weight loss and tone, strength and size, or athletic enhancement. Big O' has the knowledge and experience to help you get where you need to go, because he is aware that each of our bodies has different needs.

Big O' is a former competitive bodybuilder having won the following titles:

Mr. St Louis, Mr. Missouri, Mr. Heart of America, Mr. USA, Mr. Mid-Valley, Mr. Ohio Valley and many others.

As a former police officer he won the Police Olympics and Weight Lifting/Bodybuilding Contests for 5 consecutive years, and in 1980 he broke a world record in power lifting.

He has exceptional knowledge in the fields of bodybuilding, body sculpting and sports performance training, nutrition, motivational techniques as well as an extensive background in martial arts.

Big O's personal training service is sure to make a difference in your health and training challenges. He has successfully worked with people of all fitness levels; from beginners to competitive bodybuilders and fitness competitors.

Get your Individualized Training Solution, specifically designed for your needs.

If you are interested in finding out why your current training program does not work or why you are unable to shed those unwanted pounds, let Big O' help you.

Simply send an email to big-o-dillon@msn.com stating (in your own words) what your personal training or weight challenges are, and Big O' will be able to help you.

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Big O has always had a connection with God but after he died twice and came back, he is on a mission to help others learn the lessons he has realized along his journey. He has a passion for helping young men live with integrity and understand that strength comes from surrender. His five life lessons are included in the book. Although he has a desire to help men the five nuggets of wisdom can help anyone improve their life.