Oscar Dillon, Big "O" 
Height: 6'0 - Hair: Black/Bald - Weight: 240/250 lbs. - Eyes: Brown - Age Range: 30 - 50


DéCayette Talent Agency
260 Beverly Drive Suite 205C
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
O: (424) 284-3569
C: (424 261-7042

Actor - filmography (partial list)  


Ticket to Ride (The Post Grad Survival Guide) Co-Star Vicky Jenson
Hired Gun Star Brad Jurjens
Blood and Bone Stunts Ben Ramsey
Idlewild Co-Star Bryan Barber
Walk Hard Co-Star Jake Kasdan
The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down Co-Star Paul Sapiano
Just My Luck Co-Star Donald Petrie
The Closer Star (Film Trailer) Glen Owen
Today You Die Co-Star Don FauntLeroy
The Cat in the Hat  Co-Star (Re-write) Bo Welch
Biker Boyz Co-Star Reggie Blythwood
Undisputed Co-Star Walter Hill
The Wood Co-Star Rick Famuylwa
Magic Island Star Sam Irvin
The Breaks Co-Star Eric Meza
Armageddon Co-Star Michael Bay
Memorial Day Co-Star Worth Kester
Perfect Target Star Sheldon Lettich
For Which He Stands Co-Star Nelson McCormick
Batman Forever Co-Star Joel Schumacher
Storybook Co-Star Lorenzo Dimano
Get Shorty Co-Star Barry Sonnenfeld
Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead Co-Star Gary Fleder
Rumble in LA Co-Star Conan Lee
Another 48 Hours Co-Star Walter Hill
Tango and Cash Co-Star Andrel Konachalousky
Rising Sun Co-Star Phil Kaufman
Fist of Honor Co-Star Richard Pepin
Ricochet Co-Star Russell Mulcahy
Lame Ducks (Naked Gun 1 1/2 Trailer) Star Jerry & David Zucker
Deadly Bet Co-Star Richard Munchkin
Martial Law I Co-Star S.E. Cohen
Marital Law II Undercover Co-Star Kurt Anderson
Shocker-No More Mister Nice Guy Co-Star Wes Craven
Opening Day Fullback      Star Mark Tamar
Television (partial list)

On The Lot Star Jason Epperson/Steven Spielberg
America's Most Wanted Co-Star Bryan Smedly
Andy Dick Show Co-Star Andy Dick
Spy TV Co-Star (recurring) Jeff Longyel
Martial Law Guest Star Greg Beeman
G vs. E Guest Star Jonea Pate
The Notorious Guest Star (recurring) James Wong
L.A. Heat Guest Star Richard Munchkin
Perversions of Science Guest Star Bill Malone
Baywatch Nights Guest Star Reza Badlyi
Family Matters Guest Star Rich Correll
The Young & the Restless Guest Star (recurring) Mike Denny/Heather Hill
Cop Files Star Gabrielle Beaumont
Beast Master III Guest Star Gideon Amir
Dark Justice Guest Star Ken Wiederhorn
Saved by the Bell Guest Star Don Bamhart
Beverly Hills, 90210 Guest Star Chuck Braveman
Father Dowling Mysteries Guest Star Robert Schearer
Life Goes On Guest Star Roy Campenella, Jr.
Alien Nation Guest Star John McPherson
Hunter Guest Star Fargo
Kung Fu: The Next Generation Guest Star NBC Television
Hooperman Guest Star Roy Campenella, Jr.
Capitol Guest Star Ken Herman/Michael Stich
Stage/Theater (partial list)

Conan The Barbarian Live Show Star (Scorcerer) Universal Studios Tour
He-Man/Skeletor Star (Skeletor) Mattel Productions
Highlander II Live Show Star (Barbarian) Disney Productions
Alladin's Oasis Star (Genie) Disney Productions
Jungle Book II Star (Publicity Genie) Disney Productions
Special Talents and Abilities

Stunt Coordinator/Stunt Fight, Black Belt in Karate and Judo, Boxing Exclusively, Wrestling, Football, Baseball, Fencing, Swords, Tennis, Horses, Water Sports, Stunt Driving/Motorcycle (Harley Davidson Owner), Bass and Rhythm Guitar, Percussion Instruments, Singing and Voice-Overs, Veteran POLICE OFFICER/DETECTIVE, St. Louis PD (specializing in criminal investigation and undercover operations), former Michael Jackson personal Body Guard.
Commercials & Music Videos (list upon request)
Hanna-Barbara Voice-Overs - Andrea Romano/Sue Blu, Actor's Center, Cartoonist
Commercial, Cold Reading and Theatrical, Professional Artist Group/Improv

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Big O has always had a connection with God but after he died twice and came back, he is on a mission to help others learn the lessons he has realized along his journey. He has a passion for helping young men live with integrity and understand that strength comes from surrender. His five life lessons are included in the book. Although he has a desire to help men the five nuggets of wisdom can help anyone improve their life.