Big-O' plays bass and acoustic guitar professionally, which began as a child participating in the church choir and playing bass guitar for his late father's gospel group called "THE TRUMPETS".  Big O's father introduced him to music at the tender age of 4 years old, which started his musical journey.   

He has performed in concerts with artists such as Patty LaBelle, Shirley Caesar, O'Neil Twins,  James Cleveland, Andre` Crouch, as well as many other Gospel, R&B, Jazz and contemporary recording artists.  

Big O' is an accomplished vocalist with variable ranges and styles of soulful music.  He sang and played in the choir at his school and his hometown church, as well as the award winning stage show "THE WIZ" and countless other groups and choirs. 

Music has always been Big-O's greatest passion.  He is currently in the preliminary stages of recording his own personal CD.



Concert Performances: (partial list)

  • The 'Wiz'
  • Patty Labelle
  • Shirley Caesar
  • O'Neil Twins
  • James Cleveland
  • Andre Crouch
  • The Five Blind Boys from Alabama
  • Various Gospel, R&B, Jazz, and contemporary recording artists

Jams: (partial list)

  • Outcast band
  • Fishbone Band
  • Many Gospel Choirs, quartets, R&B groups


Let's Jam Baby!!!!
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Big O has always had a connection with God but after he died twice and came back, he is on a mission to help others learn the lessons he has realized along his journey. He has a passion for helping young men live with integrity and understand that strength comes from surrender. His five life lessons are included in the book. Although he has a desire to help men the five nuggets of wisdom can help anyone improve their life.